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I always feel extremely honored when a couple chooses me as their wedding photographer. I offer a choice from a photo session with the newlyweds, covering just the service or covering the event in its entirety. 

During a typical wedding day, I would cover:  


  • The preparation of the bride and/or the groom 

  • The ceremony

  • Group photos

  • The individual photo session with the newlyweds

  • The cocktails and the party

You can choose one, a few or all of these elements. 

I love to capture candid moments, portraits and beautiful details as the day passes. For bigger weddings, I have a partnership with a second photographer, meaning all the important elements are covered while I can spend more time with the artistic side of your wedding photos. It all depends on your needs& budget. 


For more information and prices, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.