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Planning your Paris photo shoot

Here are some questions to think about before booking a photo shoot with me. If you have doubts or any extra questions, I will be happy to guide you through and hopefully answer them all.

  • How long do I want the photo shoot to be?

There are 1h; 1h30 min; 2h and 3h options. The length of the photo shoot depends how many locations would you like to include and what fits the best with your schedule. For example a 1h photo shoot can include up to 2 locations that are in a walkable distance from each other.

  • What is the best time for a photo shoot in Paris?

I would definitely recommend the morning time before the light is too harsh and while there aren't a lot of people around. It also depends on the location, some places like Montmartre gets really crowded during the day and it is very hard to avoid other people in your photos. The evening hours and the sunset is also a good choice but at certain locations, especially during the summer time, you should be ready to be surrounded by crowds.

  • What sort of mood/ style of photo shoot do I want?

You can see the style of the photos I take by looking at my portfolio. I prefer genuine moments and relaxed situations and always do my best to put my clients at ease in front of the camera. But the mood of your photos also depends on the setting. First time visitors very often choose the grand classics- the Eiffel Tower area but you can also opt for more casual lifestyle street views and café shots.

  • Are you changing the outfit?

Please do keep in mind that changing outfits may be complicated if the photo shoot is just 1h long, unless you keep it simple by changing one item that can be changed in public. Otherwise, if you let me know ahead, we can plan stops for a change (most often a restroom of a café or a public one). We will be moving around quite a lot so just remember to stay light and mobile with your bags.

  • If you choose several locations that aren't in a walking distance, would you like to use the public transport or hire a taxi?

The time spent in a transport is counted in the time of the photo shoot. Public transport in Paris is in general safe and easy to use and I can guide you through buying tickets and getting around. Having said that you should always be vigilant as there are a lot of pickpockets around the most popular tourist places. On the other hand if you are dressed in a special outfit or you have a luggage with you, a taxi may be a good idea as well.)

  • What if it rains?

In case of a light rain, I always bring a transparent umbrella with me. If the weather gets extreme, we may consider postponing the photo shoot but it really depends on the situation. Also, this is one of the reasons why I don't advise to schedule your photo shoot on the last day of your trip to Paris.

  • Things to keep in mind

Unfortunately, public restrooms are rare in Paris central area, so please, don't forget to use the restroom before the photo shoot, especially if you are with children.

Paris can be hot during the summer months and usually I tend to walk quite a lot during the photo shoot, the best would be to carry a bottle of water with you.

Ladies, if you are planning to wear high heals, please bring a pair of flat shoes to get from one location to another.

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